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Be Free

Fugs Final CD (Part 2) now released!

15 new tunes!!!

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purchse for $15

Heavy Metal Music Box 729 Woodstock, NY 12498


4-CD Boxed Set of Early Fugs Recordings, Don't Stop! Don't Stop! released to great acclaim by ACE Records in London

The 4-CD set contains over 34 previously unreleased Fugs songs and performances covering the years 1965-1969.

Included are such tunes as "We Don't Allow No Robots at Sunday School (1969)," "As My Moog Weeps (1969)," "J. Edgar Hoover is Paranoid," "Street Punk," plus alternate takes from the first Fugs album, including the "'Write Underwater' Supergirl." Also a suite of 5 sizzling performances of "Nothing" end to end! and a 13-minute salute to Tuli Kupferberg's enormous talents as an American songwriter!

Over two new hours of unreleased material!

Thirsting for Peace, CD

Ed Performing above on the Microtonal Instrument, the Microlyre (31 notes to the octave)

Also, Ed Sanders has a recent CD that is available now. It's called "Thirsting for Peace," and has the following poem/songs featured on it: "The Question of Fame," "Wild Women of East Tenth Street," "Homage to Erik Satie," "The Final Section of Gregory Corso's 'Bomb'," "Song for Allen Ginsberg," "America at Peace March," and the lengthy microtonal cantata, "Thirsting for Peace in a Racing Century."

Available for $15, Heavy Metal Music, Box 729, Woodstock, NY 12408


And wow! the Fugs Final CD (Part 1) received a favorable review in Rolling Stone! It's about time. It's the Fugs GREATEST WORK!!! (Best for Nearly Last)

And now, March 2010, look for Be Free, the Fugs Final CD (Part 2), which has been completed at NRS Studios after four years of recording!

Be Free features 14 new tunes!


The Fugs

The Fugs recently held successful reunion concerts at the Beachland Ballroom (Nov. 30) in Cleveland & City Winery in Chicago (Dec. 1)

Here's a review from the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

plus a article in the Chicago Tribune:



The Fugs ARE their Tunes!

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Here's Ben Sisario's fine obit of Tuli Kupferberg in the New York Times:

Here's a review in the New York Times of the January 2010 benefit for Tuli at St. Ann's Warehouse:



We have released The Fugs Greatest Hits 1984-2004! on our own label, Fugs Records

It's available from CD Baby in hard copy or as download. Individual tunes may be downloaded from CD Baby. Here's the link:

Here are the tunes on The Fugs Greatest Hits 1984-2004, featuring studio and hot live performances as well:

1. Nova Slum Goddess
2. CIA Man
3. Liberty Not War
4. Dreams of Sexual Perfection
5. Government Surveillance Yodel
6. Einstein Never Wore Socks
7. The Terrible Things
8. Auguries of Innocence
9. Cave 64
10. I Want to Know
11. Here Come the Levelers
12. Refuse to Be Burnt-Out
13. Nothing
14. Kill for Peace
15. Crystal Liaison
16. Try to Be Joyful

The Fugs: Edward Sanders, Tuli Kupferberg, Steve Taylor, Coby Batty, Scott Petito

Also available for $15 plus $3 shipping, from
Fugs Records
Box 729
Woodstock, NY 12498

Be Free

The Fugs have finished recording The Fugs Final CD (Part 2)!! It's titled Be Free, featuring 14 new songs, including a bunch by Fugs co-founder Tuli Kupferberg, potential international hits such as "Backward Jewish Soldiers," "This is a Hit Song," "I am an Artist for Art's Sake," and a beautiful musical setting of his famous poem, "Greenwich Village of My Dreams."

Be Free will was released in early 2010, and is available from Heavy Metal Music, Box 729, Woodstock, NY 12498. $15 plus $3 shipping.


The Tales of Beatnik Glory movie project continues onward. The script, set in 1962, was written by Ed Sanders, Vincent Fremont and Shelly Dunn Fremont, and has had two professional table reads. (All four volumes of Tales of Beatnik Glory, 57 stories, are in print from Thunder's Mouth Press)

Ed has finished America, a History in Verse, Vol. 4 (1971-1985) , Vol. 5 (1986-2000). Vol. 6 (the 19th Century), Vol. 7 (the 18th Century), Vol. 8, (the 17th Century) and the final Vol. 9 (the 15th/16th Centuries. America, a History in Verse is a 9-volume work which traces the history of what would become the United States from 1450 through the stolen election of 2000.

All five volumes of America, a History in Verse, comprising the entire history of the 20th Century, have been published in pdf format, with a 20 page full color booklet, by Blake Route Press, with all five volumes fully indexed. Over 2000 pages! America, the 20th Century, $24.95 plus $3 s&h. Blake Route Press, Box 729, Woodstock, NY 12498.

See for further details.


The Fugs have had the same fine band since 1985, Steve Taylor on vocals and guitars; Coby Batty on drums, percussion, guitars and vocals; Scott Petito on bass, keyboards, guitars; Tuli Kupfer-berg and Ed Sanders founders.

Steve Taylor has created a marvelous and beautiful choral setting to the "Holy Holy Holy" section of Allen Ginsberg's great poem, "Howl," which had its world premiere at the Lower East Side's Howl Festival last August in Tompkins Square Park. It was utterly wonderful, and sent shivers down the spine of the hundreds who got to watch and to hear it. The work was performed by an exceptional group of singers conducted by Steve himself.

Scott Petito continues his ever-burgeoning career as producer and owner of NRS studios, where the Fugs have recorded since 1985. The Fugs Final CD (Part 2) will be produced at NRS.

Coby Batty, long time Fugs percussionist, singer and songwriter, works with several bands in Richmond, Virginia.

CHECK OUT THE GOOD REVIEW of America, A History in Verse, Volume 3, in the July 4th, 2004 Los Angeles Times
Page 1, Page 2

A review of the Fugs Final CD (Part 1) from the British music magazine UNCUT, March 2004: