The Fugs ARE Their Songs and Tapes

The Fugs ARE their songs and tapes. We began writing songs in late 1964 and continue to this day, over 45 years later.

We started recording in the spring of 1965, and have completed a number of Albums and CDs during the ensuing decades.

They are:

1. The First Fugs Album, 1965

2. The Second Fugs Album, 1966

3. The Fugs Eat It— Never Released by Atlantic Records, early 1967

4. Tenderness Junction, early 1968

5. It Crawled into My Hand, Honest, September 1968

6. The Belle of Avenue A, Spring 1969

7. Golden Filth— Fugs Live at the Fillmore East, 1970

8. Refuse to be Burnt-Out, 1984

9. No More Slavery, 1985

10. Star Peace, 1988

12. Fugs Live in Woodstock, 1989

13. The Real Woodstock Festival, 2 CD set, 1994

14. The Fugs Final CD (Part 1), 2003

15. Be Free, The Fugs Final CD, Part 2, 2010

Additional CDs

16. Fugs Live in the Sixties

17. Rapture of the Deep, Fugs Live Performances and Recordings 1966-69

18. The Wonderful Torrent (Fugs Live Performances and Recordings, 1965-1969)

Rapture of the Deep, and The Wonderful Torrent are available in the Ace Records boxed set, "Don't Stop! Don't Stop!"

We have some excellent recordings Tuli Kupferberg made with the Fugs in the months before he passed away, which will be utilized on a future recording of new Fugs material.