Ed Sanders - Songs In Ancient Greek
1. Tropei Tropei Tropei (Turn, Turn, Turn) From Ecclesiastes 3 in the Septuagint Greek Bible - 2nd century B.C.
2. Sappho
3. High Tech Heraclitus
4. The Song of the Sirens (Book 12, The Odyssey)
5. Danae in a Box upon the Sea (Simonides)
6. The Wrath of Achilles (The opening lines of The Iliad, plus some thoughts about Space Warfare and the fate of Iphigeneia)
7. A Chorus from The Birds (Aristophanes)
8. Plato's Cave (A version of the opening lines of Book 7, The Republic)
9. Archilochus Rock & Roll Wail-Out
Bonus track:
10. High Tech Heraclitus (Dancemix)