The Fugs First Album
With Zizzling Additional Tracks From the Early Fugs
1. Slum Goddess
2. Ah, Sunflower Weary of Time
3. Supergirl
4. Swinburne Stomp
5. I Couldn't Get High
6. How Sweet I Roamed From Field to Field
7. Carpe Diem
8. My Baby Done Left Me
9. Boobs a Lot
10. Nothing

Additional Studio Material:
11. We're the Fugs
12. Defeated
13. The Ten Commandments
14. CIA Man
15. In the Middle of Their First Recording Session the Fugs Sign the Worst Contract Since Leadbelly's
16. I Saw the Best Minds of My Generation Rock
17. Spontaneous Salute to Andy Warhol (From Rehearsal at the Peace Eye Bookstore, February 1965)

Songs from the "Night of Napalm"-Live at Bridge Theater, St. Mark's Place (1965):
18. War Kills Babies
19. The Fugs National Anthem 20. The Fugs Spaghetty Death (No Redemption No Redemption)-A Glop of Spaghetti for Andy Warhol From the Tuli Tapes:
21. The Rhapsody of Tuli